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1901, New Candidates

1901: New Candidates

The 1901 HoME election cycle—our first—is under way! We’ll be electing as many as 7 candidates whose playing careers ended by 1895. This is by far our widest swatch of players, since the remaining elections cover at most 5 years of retirees. We’ve narrowed the list down to the following 54 players for closer scrutiny, though, of course, all players who meet the eligibility rules are perpetually eligible.

Baldwin, Mark
Barnes, Ross
Bennett, Charlie
Bond, Tommy
Browning, Pete
Buffinton, Charlie
Caruthers, Bob
Clapp, John
Clarkson, John
Comiskey, Charlie
Corcoran, Larry
Cummings, Candy
Denny, Jerry
Devlin, Jim
Dunlap, Fred
Ferguson, Bob
Ferguson, Charlie
Force, Davy
Galvin, Pud
Glassock, Jack
Gore, George
Hecker, Guy
Hines, Paul
Hutchison, Bill
Jones, Charley
Keefe, Tim
Kelly, King
Latham, Arlie
Mathews, Bobby
McBride, Dick
McCormick, Jim
McVey, Cal
Morris, Ed
Mullane, Tony
O’Neill, Tip
O’Rourke, Jim
Orr, Dave
Pearce, Dickey
Pike, Lip
Radbourn, Old Hoss
Ramsey, Toad
Richardson, Hardy
Spalding, Al
Start, Joe
Stovey, Harry
Sutton, Ezra
Ward, Monte
Welch, Mickey
White, Deacon
White, Will
Whitney, Jim
Williamson, Ned
Wright, George
York, Tom

We are currently scheduled to vote on June 19th, and to post results here on June 21st. An edited and condensed transcript of our discussions will be posted as well so that you can tell us how you’d vote.

It’s possible we’ll move more quickly than that, and if we do we’ll post the new date here and update our schedule document.



3 thoughts on “1901: New Candidates

  1. If you guys are up for this , I encourage you to do it. I always like to talk baseball.

    I vote for Old Hoss Radbourne, Charlie Comiskey (probably related to the Comiskeys of Comiskey Park I reckon) and Pud Galvin because I have heard of them, so they must have been pretty famous. Pretty sure Radbourne was an iron-man pitcher. I’d be pretty shocked if any one of those three weren’t already in the Hall of Fame.

    Posted by Gerry Monroy | June 3, 2013, 6:14 pm
  2. Thanks for checking in, Gerry.

    I like your thinking on Radbourne and Galvin. Comiskey was more of a pioneer selection by the Hall. He played for 13 years but was just another guy.


    Posted by howardmiller717 | June 3, 2013, 7:23 pm


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