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1916, New Candidates

1916: New Candidates

After electing five candidates in our 1911 election, it’s time for the 1916 newbies. We have opened five new slots for honorees, and we have carried over four from the 1901 election and two from 1906. That means we can elect as many as nine players this time around. The following 31 players are now eligible for induction in addition to those whose eligibility began since 1901. Eligibility is perpetual.


Beaumont, Ginger
Beckley, Jake
Chesbro, Jack
Collins, Jimmy
Cross, Lave
Dahlen, Bill
Davis, George
Dinneen, Bill
Donahue, Red
Flick, Elmer
Gleason, Kid
Griffith, Clark
Hahn, Noodles
Howell, Harry
Jones, Fielder
Joss, Addie
Keeler, Willie
Kelley, Joe
Leever, Sam
McGann, Dan
McGinnity, Joe
McGuire, Deacon
Orth, Al
Parent, Freddy
Ritchey, Claude
Selbach, Kip
Tannehill, Jesse
Taylor, Jack
Waddell, Rube
Williams, Jimmy
Willis, Vic



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