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1926, New Candidates

1926 New Candidates

porter1926After electing four candidates in our 1921 election, we look forward to 1926. Six new slots open up as we arrive at the cusp of the live-ball era. We carried over four from the 1901 election and two from 1906, and we add two more from 1921. That means we can elect as many as fourteen players this time around. The following 25 players are now eligible in addition to those whose eligibility has begun since 1901. Eligibility is perpetual.

F = Hall of Fame member
M = Hall of Merit member
S = Hall of Stats member

Newly Eligible in 1926

Ames, Red
Bender, Chief (F)
Brown, Mordecai (F, M, S)
Chase, Hal
Cicotte, Eddie (S)
Cravath, Gavvy
Crawford, Sam (F, M, S)
Doyle, Larry
Evers, Johnny (F)
Falkenberg, Cy
Huggins, Miller
Jackson, Joe (M, S)
Kauff, Benny
Lajoie, Nap (F, M, S)
Leach, Tommy
Magee, Sherry (M, S)
Mathewson, Christy (F, M, S)
Meyers, Chief
Plank, Eddie (F, M, S)
Reulbach, Ed
Rucker, Nap (S)
Schulte, Frank
Turner, Terry
Wagner, Honus (F, M, S)
Zimmerman, Heinie




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