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1966, New Candidates

1966 New Candidates

1966In 1966 we finally begin to see players of color emerge into the HoME’s view, including the man, himself, Jackie Robinson.

However, the War continues to affect our pool of candidates, and after the 1940s when the onslaught of highly qualified candidates seemed ever deeper, the relative thinness of our 1960s ballots is a stark reminder of the War’s cost to baseball.

Nonetheless, twenty-five men become eligible, including a guy they called “Old Folks,” another dubbed “The Barber,” and a third known sometimes as “The Flying Scot.” It was a good time for monickers, sobriquets, and, yes, nicknames.

1966 marks a deceleration from the usual eight new slots down to seven. We carry over two slots from 1906, two from 1921, five from 1931, three from 1941, one from 1956, and two from 1961 for a total of 22 possible honorees.

F = Hall of Fame member
M = Hall of Merit member
S = Hall of Stats member

Newly Eligible in 1966

Roy Campanella (F,M)
Walker Cooper
Al Dark
Murry Dickson
Larry Doby (F,M,S)
Del Ennis
Bob Feller (F,M,S)
Carl Furillo
George Kell (F)
Ellis Kinder
Bob Lemon (F,M)
Sal Maglie
Gil McDougald
Don Newcombe
Andy Pafko
Mel Parnell
Pee Wee Reese (F,M,S)
Phil Rizzuto (F)
Jackie Robinson (F,M,S)
Al Rosen
Enos Slaughter (F,M)
Bobby Thomson
Virgil Trucks
Mickey Vernon
Ted Williams (F,M,S)



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