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1976 New Candidates

bad news bearsOur last quinquennial election. Beginning in 1977, we move forward in real fake time, year by year, as if we were on the spot in those years. But for now, our last big group of newbies hits the ballot.

This time around, we have a relief pitcher who was blown off the mound at Candlestick Park, an outfielder whose trade cursed a team other than the Red Sox (good thing this team’s current manager is an experienced baseball exorcist), and a first baseman and honoree of the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame known, in something of a cruel irony, as Moose because his family and friends thought he looked like this guy.

This year we again open seven new slots. We carry over two slots from 1906, two from 1921, five from 1931, three from 1941, one from 1956, two from 1961, and two from 1971 for a total of 24 possible honorees.

F = Hall of Fame member
M = Hall of Merit member
S = Hall of Stats member

Bobby Allison
Joe Adcock
Ken Boyer (M,S)
Smoky Burgess
Rocky Colavito
Del Crandell
Don Drysdale (F,M,S)
Roy Face
Curt Flood
Whitey Ford (F,M,S)
Bob Friend
Jim Gilliam
Dick Groat
Elston Howard
Larry Jackson
Sandy Koufax (F,M,S)
Mickey Mantle (F,M,S)
Roger Maris
Eddie Mathews (F,M,S)
Stu Miller
Dick Radatz
Robin Roberts (F,M,S)
Curt Simmons
Bill Skowron
Bill White
Eddie Yost



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