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1982, New Candidates

1982 New Candidates

billy dee as bingo long

Billy Williams might have been Sweet Swingin’, but this Billy Williams is undeniable.

Twenty-two years ago Eric bought his first packs of baseball cards. Topps with the Atari-like stripy, swooshy things running down the left side. Gary Lucas, Rick Wise, Greg Minton. The stuff baseball dreams are made of.

On the other hand, our 1982 newbies are pretty dreamy. Three guys in every Hall there is, another in the Hall of Merit, and another still in the Hall of Stats. Billy Leo Williams is one of the big three this time around, and he looked almost as good in a uniform as Billy Dee Williams. Well, it can’t work every time…unless you’re the coolest cat on the ballfield. (Or in space, of course…and by the way, does anyone else think it’s strange that Lando is Armenian?)

After a lot of progress toward at filling in those pesky holdover slots, in 1981 we limped in with just one honoree. With two new slots open and ten other deferred slots, we’re up to 12 potential plaques this election.

F= Hall of Fame member
M = Hall of Merit member
S = Hall of Stats member

NEW FOR 1982
Hank Aaron (F,M,S)
Mike Cuellar
Willie Davis (S)
Bill Freehan (M)
Tony Oliva
Rico Petrocelli
Frank Robinson (F,M,S)
Billy Williams (F,M,S)



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