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1987, New Candidates

1987 New Candidates

Baseball BugsHere’s the year that sticks out like a sore thumb. The rabbit ball year. In the midst of the fleet-footed, turf-bouncing, parity-driven 1980s came a little taste of what was to come in the mid 1990s. An analogy: MLB’s 1987 offensive outburst is to the 1980s as 1996 was to Brady Anderson’s career.

Yeah, it was crazy times.

But none of our candidates this year had anything to do with that. Although, if you look closely, they had hidden chances to play in a rabbitish environment. Bobby Bonds got a nice taste of hare in 1970 when the NL took a one-year nutty that actually matched its 1987 output on a runs per game basis. 1970, 1987, and 1961 tied for the honor of being the most offensive seasons (to pitchers) in the NL since 1955 and the highest until 1994. Sal Bando and the league-switching Bonds also enjoyed some hasenpfeffer stew in 1977 (the AL expansion year) and 1979. ’77 was the AL’s highest scoring year since the 1961 expansion (when a certain famous home run record fell). 1979 was ranked as the most hitterific year since 1950, and the highest until 1987 itself. I suspect that moundsman Mike Marshall didn’t enjoy those years quite as much.

F= Hall of Fame member
M = Hall of Merit member
S = Hall of Stats member

NEW FOR 1987

Sal Bando (S)
Bobby Bonds (S)
Mike Marshall



3 thoughts on “1987 New Candidates

  1. Bando is one of the more underrated players I ever saw. Good third baseman and decent hitter. Overshadowed by Reggie and the pitchers, but a really good player. Treat him well. 🙂

    Posted by verdun2 | June 25, 2014, 7:59 am
    • To be fair, v, Reggie was the better player. But he was the only one (I prefer Bando to Campaneris over the title years). If the question were asked, could a team win three consecutive titles if Sal Bando is their second best player, the answer is not just that it could, but that it did. Bando is absolutely deserving of our attention.

      Posted by Miller | June 26, 2014, 5:27 am


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