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1993, New Candidates

1993 New Candidates

"The Penguin" shown here with his people.

“The Penguin” shown here with his people.

Our 1993 newbies are an interesting bunch. As we move into the players of free-agency era, we’ll be unlocking more and more memories of players from our childhoods and what we’ve come to learn about them since.

Of course, sometimes you learn things you don’t want to know. Like for example that Steve Garvey, nicknamed “Senator” by teammates, was a Senator in the Packwood mold; that Reggie Jackson had some, ahem, shady friends; and that Darrell Porter was a sad, sad story.

But you might also learn some interesting stuff. Like that Ron Cey had by far the best career in that famous Dodger infield; that Davey Lopes was a great older player (debuted at age 27) whose HoME chances were probably sabotaged by the depth of the Dodger’s system in the late 1960s and their choice to play him at second base instead of his native outfield; and that Phil Niekro was simply amazing.

F= Hall of Fame member
M = Hall of Merit member
S = Hall of Stats member

NEW FOR 1993

Ron Cey
Cecil Cooper
Doug DeCinces
Steve Garvey
Reggie Jackson (F,M,S)
Davey Lopes
Bill Madlock
Phil Niekro (F,M,S)
Darrell Porter



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