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1997, New Candidates

1997 New Candidates

Why don't the Hall of Fame come and see them sometime?

Why don’t the Hall of Fame come and see these guys sometime?

Yup, just three guys to add to the mix this year. Three right fielders. An interesting bunch to compare, however. Parker was the one with the cool nickname, the MVP award, and many more Hall of Fame votes than the others. Griffey, of course, spawned a pretty good ballplayer, but he was no slouch. Outside of Red Sox Nation, Evans is probably the least known of the three. Yet he’s by far the best candidate of the bunch.

Dewey is a poster child for the theory that players with subtler skills and a diversified set of skills tend to do less well than players with one or two well defined abilities. Could we make an All-Time team of them? Of course, we could.

C: Gene Tenace
1B: Keith Hernandez
2B: Lou Whitaker
3B: Darrell Evans
SS: Bobby Grich
LF: Tim Raines
CF: Jimmy Wynn
RF: Dwight Evans
DH: Brian Downing
UT: Tony Phillips

I cheated a little bit there. I put Grich at shortstop. He played about 80% of his minor league games there, and he entered the league as a shortstop, starting there in his third season with the O’s. Close enough. That’s one hell of a team. Downing is the worst player, but I figured we should have someone who actually DH’ed. After that, every one of these guys is at worst a borderline candidate for the Hall of Miller and Eric, and at best a top-ten player at his position. Not bad for a bunch of guys who have gotten only a little more Hall of Fame consideration as you or me.

F= Hall of Fame member
M = Hall of Merit member
S = Hall of Stats member

NEW FOR 1997

Dwight Evans (M,S)
Ken Griffey, Sr.
Dave Parker



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