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2004, New Candidates

2004 New Candidates

That's not Dennis Martinez, but if it was, we'd also support him just for that amazing beardstache.

That’s not Dennis Martinez, but if it was, we’d vote for him just for that amazing beardstache. Though not for the HoME, or else we’d also have to elect Rollie Fingers, and Jack Morris, and Al Hrabosky, and Oscar Gamble, and….

Let’s talk politics for a moment. Among our 2004 candidates is Dennis Martinez, nicknamed El Presidente. This has always made me wonder how many MLB players have shared their “baseball name” with the president of some country or another. And I don’t mean part of their name. First name, last name, please. Grover Cleveland Alexander doesn’t count, nor the other three players named for our 22nd and 24th chief executive. Especially since his baseball name is “Pete.” Although Tommy Bridges should get some kind of special citation for being named Thomas Jefferson Davis.

As it turns out there are just a few. First the U.S. presidents:

That’s it. Surprisingly, there are no Rutherford Hayeses in MLB’s long history.

How about the heads of state of our neighbors just beyond the Rio Grande?

Or north of the Saint Lawrence?

The Brits?

Rather than go scavenging the Wikipedia for the chief executive of every country that elected one some time, let’s just say it’s not very common for ballplayers, especially good ones, to share the name of a world leader. Especially leaders that are named Angela Merkel. That’s a “Merkel’s Boner” no one could live down.

F= Hall of Fame member
M = Hall of Merit member
S = Hall of Stats member

NEW FOR 2004

Danny Darwin
Dennis Eckersley (F,M,S)
Jimmy Key
Dennis Martinez
Jack McDowell
Paul Molitor (F,M,S)
Terry Pendleton
Dave Stieb (M,S)



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