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HoME Standings: Down the HoME Stretch They Come!

2011 HoME Team Standings

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Our last update on the Hall of Miller and Eric team-based standings was in late January following our 2000 election. Now with 2011 in the (e)books, and just four more votes until we catch up with the real-time Hall of Fame, it’s time to see the state of play as we head down the HoME stretch.

Race to the Top

The Giants and Yankees remain atop the standings, but the gap has closed to a virtual tie. Mere tenths of a percentage point separate the franchises, so this one will truly go down to the wire. With only four elections to go, they have probably sewn up the top two spots between them with the Dodgers nearly 2.5 career’s worth of HoMEiness behind the Yanks. However, the Cubs and Tigers still have a shot to catch the Los Angelenos. The Red Sox, in sixth place, are about as far behind the Tigers as the Dodgers from the Yankees, so our top five seem locked in as well. Well, until you realize that the Braves are going to pick up about 2.5 HoME careers from their 1990s pitching staff alone.

The Battle for the Top Ten

After that things get interesting. Less than 1.5 HoME careers separate the Sox from the eleventh place Phillies. In between are the A’s, Indians, the aforementioned Braves, and Cardinals. All of them experienced good success during the 1990s and 2000s with marquee players who have a shot at immortality. They could end up arrayed in any number of ways, including with one of them nipping at the heels of the top-five teams. At the bottom of the top ten, the Phils, Orioles, and White Sox all lay within 1.5 careers of the Cards.

Big Movers

Since our last update, a few teams have shot up the standings. The biggest mover was

  • Yankees: Added 3.4 HoME careers and have caught up to the front-running Giants.
  • A’s: Added 2.8 HoME careers and catapulted from 12th place to 7th.
  • Tigers: Added 2.4 HoME careers and gained about 0.8 HoMErs on the fourth place team.
  • Orioles: Added 2.2 HoME careers and moved up two spots among the current 30 teams to 14th.
  • Dodgers: Added 1.9 HoME careers, leapfrogged the Cubs, and at least gave themselves a way outside shot at one of the top slots.
  • Astros: Added 1.9 HoME careers, passing their expansion brethren Mets for 18th place.
  • Padres: Added 1.9 HoME careers, climbing over four of the contemporary 30 teams in the process.

Operation Shutdown

The Pirates were the only team that failed to have one of its former players elected from 2001 to 2011. Love that Cam Bonifay!

Exterminating the Cleveland Spiders

All 30 of our present-day MLB teams are now on the board thanks to the election of Roberto Alomar and the smidgen of his career spent in the desert southwest. But getting into the club isn’t good enough, right? Any contemporary team should be shooting to be in the top 30 to avoid being out-plaqued by defunct franchises. Well, the highest ranking defunct team, coming in at #25 all-time (not shown), is the Cleveland Spiders who boast 1.60 HoMErs, so six teams have work to do.

  • Toronto: The Jays trail the Spiders by just 0.02 careers, and have a fine chance to eke by.
  • Seattle: The M’s need to rack up another 0.49 careers to stay out of the Spiders’ web. But that seems potentially doable. They have two other defunct teams to leapfrog as well.
  • Colorado: Things get tougher for the younger teams. The Rox sit 0.98 HoMErs behind the arachnids and their best player ever was just elected to the HoME. They have five additional teams to squeeze by before the Spiders.
  • Miami: 1.42 HoMErs behind, seems like slim pickins. I hate Jeffrey Loria, so maybe I don’t care…. Fourteen other dead teams stand between Miami and the Spiders.
  • Tampa: The Rays just don’t roster a ton of big-name stars. Their outlook to hold off the D’Backs, let alone pick off the Spiders (1.52 HoMErs ahead) is dim at best. Twenty-one defunct teams between the Rays and the Spiders.
  • Arizona: With their 0.01 HoMErs, they aren’t exactly sitting pretty. But with Johnson and Schilling soon eligible, they have good opportunities to gain ground. A mere 32 defunct teams are between the D’Backs and the Spiders.

It seems unlikely that all six of those squads will enter the top thirty by 2015, but, hey, it’s something for them to shoot for. Well, aside from that World Series thing.

So watch closely these last few elections! Keep track at home and see if your favorite nine rallies in the ninth to take home the win.




One thought on “HoME Standings: Down the HoME Stretch They Come!

  1. Sometimes I forget how good the Giants have been over their 125 or so year history (I remember the 1960s through 1990s when they had a lot of down years) but I’m still surprised at them topping the Yanks.
    BTW so what happens when you finish your next four elections? Don’t stop this wonderful site.

    Posted by verdun2 | June 29, 2015, 10:35 am

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