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Introducing the HoME Manager Project

Before research, I'm going to say that McCarthy edges John McGraw as the best manager ever.

Before research, I’m going to say that McCarthy edges Casey Stengel and John McGraw as the best manager ever.

There wasn’t actually a design to populate the Hall of Miller and Eric with anything but players. At least not at the start. While Hall voters have failed electing players, they’ve largely done a good job enshrining managers. But our 215 players in the HoME need some direction. They need some managers. Thus, the HoME manager project.

So how many managers should we induct? Well, there are currently 22 in the Hall.

Walter Alston       Tony LaRussa        Frank Selee
Sparky Anderson     Tommy Lasorda       Billy Southworth
Bobby Cox           Al Lopez            Casey Stengel
Leo Durocher        Connie Mack         Joe Torre
Ned Hanlon          Joe McCarthy        Earl Weaver
Bucky Harris        John McGraw         Dick Williams
Whitey Herzog       Bill McKechnie
Miller Huggins      Wilbert Robinson

We matched the number of players in the Hall, and we’re going to do the same with managers. At the end of this project, you’ll see 22 managers with plaques in the HoME.

Narrowing Our List

One of just 694.

One of just 694.

Thanks to the good folks at BBREF, narrowing our manager list is actually quite easy. Much to my surprise, there have only been 694 managers in the game’s history, so we start there. (Just 644 managed even 10 games. Only 484 managed 100. And only 398 managed 162 games). To make it into the HoME, you have to be retired. That means interesting candidates like Bruce Bochy, Terry Francona, Mike Scioscia, and Buck Schowalter are out. In all, 35 men, including HoMErs Paul Molitor and Ryne Sandberg, have managed this season. So they’re all out too.

Our next step is to knock out all those who won fewer than 750 career games and never won a World Series, at least temporarily. Only 72 have won enough games. When we add in the World Series winners, we’re back up to 98 guys. The winningest HoMErs who don’t make our managers list include Hugh Duffy (536), Walter Johnson (529), Buddy Bell (519), Buck Ewing (489), and Yogi Berra (484).

Our 750-win or World Series victory qualifier isn’t so fair to those who managed prior to the World Series era. So even though we may bring too many managers back into the fold, concessions do need to be made. And it’s better to be more inclusive at this point than it is to be less inclusive.

There were 192 men to manage in 1902 or before. However, again much to my surprise, only 27 of them managed five years or more. Clearly, you have to have managed at least five years to be a HoMEr. But before we bring all of those guys back, we have one more qualifier. With relatively few wins, pre-Series guys need at least a .500 winning percentage to carry on. Another qualifier, another surprise. Only 11 of the 27 managers posted winning percentages above .493. Those eleven will continue.

There are more two qualifiers. If you were retired for less than five years and you weren’t yet 65 years of age by the Hall’s 2014 election, you’re not yet eligible. So Jim Tracy, Ozzie Guillen, Eric Wedge, Ron Gardenhire, and Bobby Valentine won’t be considered. And even if you were 65, you had to be retired for at least six months at the time of that election. Thus, Jim Leyland, Dusty Baker, Davey Johnson, and Charlie Manuel aren’t eligible.

Thus, our list of managers who will be up for HoME consideration is at a nice, round 100.

Already in the HoME

The first ever African-American manager, Frank Robinson.

The first ever African-American manager, Frank Robinson.

For me, the surprises keep coming. Fifteen of our 100 managers are already in the HoME as players. Because they were all such great players, I suppose, each one of them began his managerial career as a player/manager.

Cap Anson          Jimmy Collins      Frank Robinson
Lou Boudreau       Joe Cronin         Tris Speaker
Frank Chance       Buck Ewing         Bill Terry
Fred Clarke        Frankie Frisch     Joe Torre
Mickey Cochrane    Rogers Hornsby     Monte Ward

Unlike the Hall of Fame, we’re very happy to give managers more than one plaque. If they deserve to be in as players and in another role, they deserve two plaques in our book.

Manager Election Schedule

Elections, of a sort, will occur on a weekly basis. Each Monday, starting with managers who retired by 1900, we’ll reveal the names of the HoME-eligible managers. Each Friday we’ll elect some, table some, and write obituaries for others. If you’re interested, check out our rules for more specifics.

Once we’re up to the present, just before Thanksgiving, we’ll see how many we’ve inducted and determine how we’re going to get to 22. Here is a tentative HoME manager election schedule.

Wed   26-Aug   What makes a great manager?
Mon   31-Aug   1900 Manager Candidates
Fri   4-Sep    1900 Managers Elected, Tabled, and Obitted
Mon   7-Sep    1910 Manager Candidates
Fri   11-Sep   1910 Managers Elected, Tabled, and Obitted
Mon   14-Sep   1920 Manager Candidates
Fri   18-Sep   1920 Managers Elected, Tabled, and Obitted
Mon   21-Sep   1930 Manager Candidates
Fri   25-Sep   1930 Managers Elected, Tabled, and Obitted
Mon   28-Sep   1940 Manager Candidates
Fri   2-Oct    1940 Managers Elected, Tabled, and Obitted
Mon   5-Oct    1950 Manager Candidates
Fri   9-Oct    1950 Managers Elected, Tabled, and Obitted
Mon   12-Oct   1960 Manager Candidates
Fri   16-Oct   1960 Managers Elected, Tabled, and Obitted
Mon   19-Oct   1970 Manager Candidates
Fri   23-Oct   1970 Managers Elected, Tabled, and Obitted
Mon   26-Oct   1980 Manager Candidates
Fri   30-Oct   1980 Managers Elected, Tabled, and Obitted
Mon   2-Nov    1990 Manager Candidates
Fri   6-Nov    1990 Managers Elected, Tabled, and Obitted
Mon   9-Nov    2000 Manager Candidates
Fri   13-Nov   2000 Managers Elected, Tabled, and Obitted
Mon   16-Nov   2010 Manager Candidates
Fri   20-Nov   2010 Managers Elected, Tabled, and Obitted
Mon   23-Nov   Reviewing the manager backlog
Wed   25-Nov   Explanation of the election process moving forward

Once we near the end of this project, it’ll be time to discuss the Pre-Integration ballot and results. And from there the 2016 BBWAA election is right around the corner.




One thought on “Introducing the HoME Manager Project

  1. Sounds like both an interesting and worthwhile project. Looking forward to your results and your methodology.
    Keep ’em coming, team.

    Posted by verdun2 | August 24, 2015, 8:00 am

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