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1910 Manager Candidates

Ned HanlonAs we reach our second election, we also reach the time in the game’s history when we’re dealing with nothing but professional managers. By the time these men retired, the hooliganism of the 1890s was long gone, the mound was firmly entrenched at 60’6”, and the World Series was a fixture. We can do a much better job evaluating this group by more modern standards.

This election we’ll review the cases of seven more managers. Two, Frank Selee and Ned Hanlon, are Hall of Fame managers. Two others, Joe Kelley and Jimmy Collins, are in as players. Collins was the manager and star third baseman for the Boston Americans, the team the defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first AL/NL World Series.

Just a note on that World Series. Collins went 9-36 with a double and two triples. He walked just once, drove in just one run. On the other hand, he stole three bases and scored five runs.

Let’s check out all of the guys we’ll review this election.

	                                                      G>    WS   Flags
                     Yrs   From         W      L       %    .500    Won  Won
Frank Bancroft        9    1880-1902	375    333   .530     42    1	  1
Bill Shettsline       5    1898-1902	367    303   .548     64    0	  0
Frank Selee HOF      16    1890-1905   1284    862   .598    422    0	  5
Jimmy Collins HOF     6    1901-1906    455    376   .548     79    1	  2
Bill Armour           5    1902-1906    382    347   .524     35    0	  0
Ned Hanlon HOF       19    1889-1907   1313   1164   .530    149    0	  5
Joe Kelley HOF        5    1902-1908    338    321   .513     17    0	  0

Check out the election results this Friday. We’ll let you know who gets in, who reaches the second phase of our process, and who receives an obituary.




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