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1910 Election Results

He was a better player than manager.

He was a better player than a manager.

Well, this makes two elections and zero men elected to the Hall of Miller and Eric. With seven more candidates this time, we’re now 0-20. There are still 80 candidates we haven’t considered in the first phase of our work, so there are plenty more chances to begin electing our 22 HoMErs.

The good news, I suppose, is that there are a couple of managers who will move on to our project’s second phase.

  • Frank Selee
  • Ned Hanlon

We began our process with exactly 100 managerial candidates in order to fill the HoME with the 22 best. While we didn’t elect anyone again this time, we’re still starting well as we begin to narrow. With five obituaries this election, we now have only 86 managers to consider for our 22 spots in the HoME.

Each election I’ll keep you up to date on our process through this chart.

	                                              Remaining     Remaining
Year   Nominees   Elected   Obituaries   Continuing   to Consider   to Elect
1910      7          0          5            2           86            22
1900     13          0          9            4           91            22


Frank Bancroft holds the record for most teams managed, seven, and most teams managed in the National League, six. He led the Providence Grays to the 1884 World Series championship. He also led the Reds, Athletics, Hoosiers, Blues, Wolverines, and Ruby Legs. In only 1884 did one of his team’s top 55 wins. Of course, 1884 was also the only year his teams played over 110 games. Still, he doesn’t have the bulk of a HoMEr.

Bill Shettsline managed the National League’s Philadelphia Phillies from 1898 through 1902. He only makes our initial list through the quirkiness of our rules. He never won a pennant. He’s no HoMEr.

An all-time great third baseman and HoMEr, Jimmy Collins managed the Boston Americans from 1901-1906. He was the first manager to ever win a World Series between the National League and the American League. He also won the pennant the next year but lost the chance to win back-to-back titles when John McGraw refused to play the 1903 World Series. With just 455 wins, Collins can be dismissed from our project now.

Bill Armour is on our initial list only because he managed the 1902 Cleveland Bronchos, a year before the first AL/NL World Series. He added just four more years in the bigs and won only 382 games overall. He’s not close to HoME-level.

Though he didn’t do much as a manager, the fact that Joe Kelley ran the Cincinnati Reds for 60 games in 1902 gets him to our list — in the same way Armour gets on. He totaled only five seasons, never finished above third place, and totaled only 338 wins. He’s not a HoMEr.

The 1920 candidates will be out on Monday, and results will be shared a week from today.




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