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1920 Manager Candidates

He didn't make it as a player. Can Clark Griffith make it as a manager?

He didn’t make it as a player. Can Griffith make it as a manager?

We’re two elections into the first phase of our project, and we’ve elected exactly nobody, though five players from the first two elections will reach our second phase. Will 1920 be any different? Well, it may be. On the other hand, this is the first election during which we’re considering managers who finished their careers under .500, so there’s a chance we see some relative clunkers as candidates.

Sacrifice bunting and every other one-run strategy you can imagine became prominent during the careers of the managers on this list. Runs were scarce enough that this group had to play strategically. Even if it weren’t a necessity, these guys likely would have been considered tacticians more than previous generations of managers. The game was evolving that much. Perhaps nobody did more strategically than George Stallings, manager of the 1914 Miracle Braves. He platooned every outfield position, took a historically awful team from last place in July to the NL pennant, and somehow swept the A’s in the World Series. It helped that Dick Rudolph, Bill James (no, not that one), and Lefty Tyler held the A’s to just six runs in four games. And it also helped that A’s stars Eddie Collins and Home Run Baker stunk it up. Nevertheless, platooning caught on, at least for a while.

This election we’ll consider Stallings, three Hall of Famers, and three other guys. Let’s check ‘em out.

	                                                      G>    WS   Flags
                     Yrs   From         W      L       %    .500    Won  Won
Jake Stahl            4	   1905-1913    263   270   .493     -7     1	   1
Fred Clarke HOF      19	   1897-1915   1602  1181   .576    421     1	   4
Fielder Jones        10	   1904-1918    683   582   .540    101     1	   1
Pants Rowland         4	   1915-1918    339   247   .578     92     1	   1
Clark Griffith HOF   20	   1901-1920   1491  1367   .522    124     0	   1
George Stallings     13	   1897-1920    879   898   .495    -19     1	   1
Ed Barrow HOF         5	   1903-1920    310   320   .492    -10     1	   1

The results of our third election will be announced on Friday. Will anyone get in? Will anyone move to our second stage? How many will receive obituaries? Tune in when we announce the results of our third election for answers to these questions and more.




2 thoughts on “1920 Manager Candidates

  1. Anyone named “Pants” deserves automatic entry to The Hall. Clearly.

    Posted by junkdrawer2 | September 14, 2015, 11:35 am

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