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1930 Manager Candidates

The White Sox threw things in 1919. Will that Series help Moran into the HoME?

The White Sox threw things in 1919. Will that Series help Moran into the HoME?

Three elections down, no managers elected. Can we do better this time? Our candidates this election won nine of the 111 World Series titles ever. And they lost three more than that. So we have some quality this time out.

These candidates all managed in the era of Babe Ruth. The game changed forever in 1920 when Ruth was sent to the Yankees and became a full-time hitter. This was, perhaps, the most dramatic shift in the way the game has been played in the last century. One-run strategies became much less valuable, and managers needed to look at the game differently than they ever had in order to thrive.

This is also our first group of managers who began to run teams that had farm systems. This was a tremendous shift. Managers no longer had to rely on established business networks. Scouts became more prominent; general managers took a legitimate portion of what had heretofore been the responsibility of the manager.

Clearly, not everyone could adapt. Some of the six we’ll consider this election did so better than others. We have four Hall of Famers, though just one who’s in as a manager, plus the man who beat the Black Sox and a banker from Maine.

Here they are.

	                                                      G>    WS   Flags
                     Yrs   From         W      L       %    .500    Won  Won
Frank Chance          11  1905-1923    946    648    .593    298     2	   4
Pat Moran              9  1915-1923    748    586    .561    162     1	   2
Hughie Jennings       16  1907-1925   1184    995    .543    189     0	   3
Tris Speaker           8  1919-1926    617    520    .543     97     1	   1
Miller Huggins        17  1913-1929   1413   1134    .555    279     3	   6
Bill Carrigan          7  1913-1929    489    500    .494    -11     2	   2

Our fourth results post will be out on Friday. Will we elect anyone, or will we go four straight preliminary round elections without a HoMEr? Tune in a few days from now when we announce the results of our fourth election.




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