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1950 Manager Candidates

Will five years and the 1946 World Series be enough for Dyer?

Will five years and the 1946 World Series be enough for Dyer?

We’re on a hot streak! Two elections in a row we’ve put in a manager. And since we’re only electing 22 total, having a pair in at this point makes it feel like the manager’s wing of the Hall of Miller and Eric is moving in the right direction. Will anyone in our 1950 election join Miller Huggins and John McGraw? Let’s explore.

Each election I’ve been sharing with you how many of our candidates are in the Hall of Fame. All told, it’s 44 of the 100 managers we’ll review who are in. On one level, that’s pretty shocking. On another, we’re obviously dealing with a selection bias here. Clearly, we’re reviewing the cases of all 22 managers who are in the Hall. And the other issue is that for much of the early history of the game, until the 1940s, about one third of managers were player-managers, give or take. Really, there have been a ton of player-managers over the years, 221 to be exact. And those player managers were often star players. Let’s just look at the four guys who have served in that capacity since 1962. Frank Robinson is in the Hall. Pete Rose would be if he didn’t bet on baseball. Joe Torre should be in as a player. And then there’s Don Kessinger. In any case, lots of very good players have been managers. In brief, it should come as little surprise that 44% of them are in the Hall.

Moving on, we’re going to review six candidates this time around. One of them is called the best manager ever in many circles, and he’s the guy I dubbed the best ever before doing research. Another is the longest tenured guy ever. Three of the other four are in the Hall of Fame (two as players). And Eddie Dyer will forever be grateful for Enos Slaughter’s mad dash. Here they are.

	                                                      G>    WS   Flags
                    Yrs     From        W      L       %    .500    Won  Won
Bill Terry           10   1932-1941    823    661    .555    162     1     3
Bill McKechnie       25	  1915-1946   1896   1723    .524    173     2     4
Joe Cronin           15	  1933-1947   1236   1055    .540    181     0     2
Connie Mack          53	  1894-1950   3731   3948    .486   -217     5     9
Joe McCarthy         24	  1926-1950   2125   1333    .615    792     7     9
Eddie Dyer            5	  1946-1950    446    325    .578    121     1     1

Will anyone be elected? Will anyone move to our second phase? Results will be revealed on Friday.




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