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1960 Manager Candidates

We know he could play, but could Hornsby manage?

We know he could play, but could Hornsby manage?

Our hot streak continues. With the elections of Connie Mack and Joe McCarthy in the 1950 group, we’ve now elected four managers to the Hall of Miller and Eric. With only eighteen more to elect, we reach a fairly crowded 1960 ballot. Eight managers, more than in any election since our first, are eligible this time around. Five of those guys are in the Hall of Fame. And three are already in the HoME as players. Of course, only four of our candidates finished their dugout days with a record north of .500. Let’s see who’s contending for a spot in our manager’s wing in 1960.

All of the guys on our list managed during the war. As such, they had to navigate some really odd times in terms of roster construction and competition. Almost all of our managers here had to get accustomed to the role of the manager changing. No longer were they making trades. That job went to the general manager. Guys who could adapt to this change stayed around. Those who didn’t looked for other work. And based on the records below, perhaps some of these guys had to look for other work because they just weren’t so great at their jobs.

Let’s check out our eight candidates.

	                                                      G>    WS   Flags
                    Yrs     From        W      L       %    .500    Won  Won
Frankie Frisch       16   1933-1951   1138   1087    .514     60     1     1
Billy Southworth     13   1929-1951   1044    704    .597    340     2     4
Rogers Hornsby       14   1925-1953    701    812    .463   -111     1     1
Steve O'Neill        14   1935-1954   1040    821    .559    219     1     1
Bucky Harris         29   1924-1956   2158   2219    .493    -61     2     3
Fred Haney           10   1939-1959    629    757    .454   -128     1     2
Charlie Grimm        19   1932-1960   1287   1067    .547    220     0     3
Lou Boudreau         16   1942-1960   1162   1224    .487    -62     1     1

Will anyone from 1960 be elected? Might someone move to our second phase? Results will be revealed on Friday.




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