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2007 Candidates

Leaving the dugout at age 50 has to hurt T.K.'s HoME chances, right?

Leaving the dugout at age 50 has to hurt T.K.’s HoME chances, right?

If we chose to do things the way we planned, we’d have had thirteen candidates in this election and only two next year. So we’ve decided to change things up, making this the election of 2007. In some ways we’re dealing with modern managers here, but we also have a guy who began his career in 1975 and three from the 1980s. Perhaps the biggest adjustments during this time were the changing compositions of rosters based on relief pitcher specialization and the onset of advanced statistical analysis that changed the roles of the general manager and manager.

This time around we’ll review the cases of nine managers who won a total of three World Series, and only got there six times. Many of this election’s nominees have been quite maligned over the years, and many of those for good reason. Jimy Williams actually once said the following, “If a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his booty.” What in the world does that insanity mean?

Then there’s Frank Robinson, the man who broke baseball’s managerial color barrier, and someone whose overall contributions to baseball are as under-appreciated as anyone who has given the game as much as he has. And if you disagree, the guy who turned 80 a few months ago will probably still kick your ass.

Here are our 2007 nominees.

	                                                      G>    WS    Flags
                    Yrs     From        W       L      %    .500    Won   Won
Tom Kelly           16    1986-2001    1140   1244   .478   -104     2     2
Johnny Oates        11    1991-2001     797    746   .517     51     0     0
Art Howe            14    1989-2004    1129   1137   .498     -8     0     0
Jimy Williams       12    1986-2004     910    790   .535    120     0     0
Bob Brenly           4    2001-2004     303    262   .536     41     1     1
Frank Robinson      16    1975-2006    1065   1176   .475   -111     0     0
Felipe Alou         14    1992-2006    1033   1021   .503     12     0     0
Mike Hargrove       16    1991-2007    1188   1173   .503     15     0     2
Phil Garner         15    1992-2007     985   1054   .483    -69     0     1

If you’re interested in the results of the penultimate election of our first phase of manager analysis, check back in on Friday. We hope you will.




2 thoughts on “2007 Candidates

  1. My Bubby use to say to me in Yiddish, if your Bubby had balls she would be your Zayde. Leaving side the potential impact on transgenderism, it like the winged frog not banging its ass, is a folksy way to not wish for the impossible. I believe you wrote about it recently when saying if Buckner had been replaced at first, The Mets may not win the Series.

    Posted by mike teller | November 16, 2015, 9:02 am
  2. None go in…..and what a strange comment by a weird Mets fan above!

    Posted by Gary Trujillo | November 16, 2015, 1:02 pm

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