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The Election Process Moving Forward

Eric tells me that I can't vote for Terry Francona until after he retires. Party pooper!

Eric tells me that I can’t vote for Terry Francona until after he retires. Party pooper!

Our first phase is now complete, and we’ve elected half of the twenty-two managers who will get into the Hall of Miller and Eric. Now comes the hard part. Beginning on Friday, and for the next eleven Fridays, we’re going to we’re going to work through the 29 remaining managers, electing one and writing an obituary for one or more each week between now and when Spring Training gets rolling.

Eric and I are hard at work honing our evaluation systems and trying to come to consensus.

Who will join The Tall Tactician, Little Napoleon, Marse Joe, Casey, Mighty Mite, Alston, Sparky, Earl, Cox, La Russa, and Torre? We’ll know well before Opening Day.




2 thoughts on “The Election Process Moving Forward

  1. Francona’s going to be an interesting choice if he gets into the Hall. He wins 2 early, then helps the Indians out of their doldrums, but you seldom hear him mentioned (at least around here) in relation to the wins. It’s generally about the Sox in general nothing like “Stengel’s Yanks” or “McGraw’s Giants.” Wonder how that will change the dynamic when he’s eligible?

    Posted by verdun2 | December 7, 2015, 8:55 am
    • Maybe by then I’ll have more of a say? Seriously though, I’m not sure Stengel and McGraw are apt comparisons. Stengel is at the Yogi Berra level, and McGraw is more like Johnny Bench. Francona might be like Russell Martin right now, with a chance to become Bill Freehan or Ted Simmons (if you prefer an actual Hall of Famer, try Roger Bresnahan or Ernie Lombardi). What I’m saying is that one need not be an inner circle guy to get into the Hall. A level below that still deserves enshrinement.

      Good point about the “Francona years”. That’s a term I’ve never heard. Maybe because he was very good, not the very best?

      Posted by Miller | December 7, 2015, 9:10 am

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