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2017, New Candidates

2017 New Candidates

Tim Wakefield might be Miller’s all-time favorite pitcher. That and $32,000 can get you a nice mid-sized sedan, but there’s sadly no price to get him a digital bronze plaque.

Casey Blake, however, is a member of a very special group. Blake’s last name is a common first name and a common last name. Casey’s baseball first name is a common first name and a common last name. Could he crack the all first-name-last-name-and-vise-versa team?

C: Carter Gary and Martin Russell
1B: Allen Dick
2B: Ellis Mark
3B: Brett George
SS: Davis George, Travis Cecil
LF: Howard Frank
CF: Thomas Roy, Blair Paul, Anderson Brady
RF: Kelly King
DH: Thomas Frank, Kelly George
P: Ryan Nolan, Lee Thornton, Alexander Doyle, Leonard Dennis

Blake Casey could make this team as a reserve, and if he could pitch, he’d surely be in its bullpen. Take it from Chalek Eric.

F= Hall of Fame member
M = Hall of Merit member
S = Hall of Stats member

NEW FOR 2017

Casey Blake
Mike Cameron
J.D. Drew
Vladimir Guerrero (S)
Magglio Ordonez
Jorge Posada
Manny Ramirez (M,S)
Edgar Renteria
Ivan Rodriguez (F,M,S)
Jason Varitek
Javier Vazquez
Tim Wakefield



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