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Making Better Decisions Than Buck Showalter

Big MacNo one said this would be easy. Today is the day we’re supposed to elect the final member of the Pioneer and Executive wing of the Hall of Miller and Eric. During our research we bandied about a hundred or so names, maybe more. And we were about 48 hours from electing Vin Scully. But then we got to talking about this.

It involves three of my favorite things: baseball statistics,, and Rob Neyer. It also involves David Neft, the guy responsible for “The Baseball Encyclopedia: The Complete and Official Record of Major League Baseball”.

Eric’s basic argument is this: Henry Chadwick led to J.G. Taylor Spink, who led to David Neft, who led to Bill James, who led to Pete Palmer and John Thorn, who led to Sean Forman. Chadwick, Spink, James, and Forman are already in the HoME. Maybe Neft should be too.

Actually, Eric had a stronger argument, which went something like this: Let’s get it right.

So we’re going to take some time, and we’re going to try to get it right. Do you think it should be Neft or Scully? What about Palmer? Thorn? Someone else? Leave a comment. We’re open-minded.

Oh, and in case you already forgot what the title of this post is about.




One thought on “Making Better Decisions Than Buck Showalter

  1. Scully Who else gave us all 65 plus years of entertainment and knowledge?

    Posted by verdun2 | May 5, 2017, 8:18 am

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