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The Hall of Miller and Eric is our personal alternative answer to the question: who should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Alternative to what? To the opinions expressed by the electoral bodies of the Baseball Hall of Fame. We want to know who the best players really are, and to honor them in our own little way.

Why do we need an alternative? Because the selections by the Baseball Writers Association of America have become increasingly eccentric over time, and, we believe, increasingly reflect an arbitrary and sometimes willfully disinformed perspective on who the best players in history are. Together with the numerous electoral blunders of various Veterans Committees, errors of both commission and omission have and continue to damage the Baesball Hall of Fame’s credibility. We believe that the BBWAA and the VC have gotten the size of the Hall about right, so, guided by their number of honorees, we’ve populated the Hall of Miller and Eric in a less capricious manner as befits the game’s greatest players…as we see them.

We have ended up with a Hall of comparable size, and, we believe, superior quality. This type of project has been attempted many times by many people. We’re standing on the shoulders of many who have gone before and taking our crack at it. With today’s analytical tools, and the explosion of both statistical and narrative information, we are better able than ever to assess players among their historical peers. So we’ll bring to the task any and all information that makes the process useful. Now that we are caught up to the Baseball Hall of Fame, you can directly compare the institutions. We hope we have contributed in a meaningful way to ongoing Hall of Fame debates. At worst, we’ve had a good time.

All in the name of fun, friendship, and knowledge.

This blog is where we keep the archive of our project. We’ve been very pleased to share it with you, and we hope you’ll post some comments, or even play along at home. This project will continue on into the future beyond our 2015 elections. We may also elect non-player members to match the Hall of Fame’s total rolls. In fact, we have just announced that managerial elections are about to get underway.

Tell us what you think!

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